Legal Factors you MUST Learn when Selling your House

28 April 2017
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Many factors are involved in the process of selling your home. You might think of planting an advert sign on the front lawn to do the job yourself. You may also think of involving a real estate broker. Both of the two factors have pros and cons that must be considered. Besides selling the property, there are other legal factors that cannot be overlooked. All transactions have to be done by the book to avoid unexpected issues once the deal is done. Read More 

Conveyancing For Buyers | Decoding 3 Important Clauses In The Contract For Sale Document

28 March 2017
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Property buying is common in Australia, whether you're doing it for the first time or have invested in multiple properties before this. Contract for sale documents are hard to understand on your own, which is why a conveyancing solicitor can help ease the buying process. But it pays to decode the tough clauses in the contract for sale so that you're better prepared to negotiate through your solicitor. Property Title Certificate Read More